Cellulite Mesotherapy

Cellulite Mesotherapy for Fat Loss - A Great Hope or Quackery?

Doctors in France certainly don't believe in profit without pain. They are of course, talking about the cosmetic procedure that goes by the name mesotherapy; and their study is published in the Clinical Infectious Diseases professional medical journal. For people struggling with massive amounts of fat, cellulite mesotherapy,  has been a medically recognized godsend in France and all the world over; a reseracher dreamed this procedure up in France more than 50 years ago; and depending on whom you talk to, people have been receiving treatment of this kind for about 20 years now. The idea is really mesmerizing, if you think about it. They give you injections of homeopathy drugs, herbs and other chemicals, directly in places where you have cellulite deposits, and the substance breaks down the fat, so that the body can absorb it.

In France, they have been treating cellulite mesotherapy as more or less a standard procedure to help people obese people with, and not as something that is "alternative"; but there have been a rash of serious difficult-to-treat infections in lots of these poor people. These infections are quite terrible if you look at them. They get parts of the body that the injections were made in all inflamed, and oozing fluid and pus. And the pain is reported to be quite nasty. There was no way to treat them with antibiotics either; antibiotics of every combination just fail to work. Those patients have to be taken in for surgery, and to have their pus-filled abcesses drained.

Doctors around the world are just beginning to understand what is going on, and to establish a treatment protocol for strange symptoms following cosmetic procedures like cellulite mesotherapy and the like. There can be lots of research jobs created soon to study the effects of this strange new treatment method. So unfamiliar is the common general physician with any of this stuff, that patients often just suffer with nowhere to go for ages. Premier hospitals in America have been trying to wrap their heads around treatments for cellulite mesotherapy for some time now. Apparently mesotherapy is just a name for a grab bag of treatments. For instance, the exact chemical compound to inject, is apparently up to the doctor. Each one experiments with his own cocktail. For this reason, the FDA does not recognize this treatment. While there is research being done at major facilities and research hospitals around the country to try to definethis procedure properly, back-alley cosmetic treatment quacks are offering to inject anything into you they can get their hands on. And people lap it up

Accepted ways to blast away fat, like laser lipolysis, happen to be more expensive; doctors are finding today that patients come to them for this, only after they have tried battling their cellulite mesotherapy style first. They usually come up with some self-sickening results, and only then do they try to pony up the extra cash for the legitimate treatment.