Safe Jogging Tips

Losing weight and staying in shape are both reasons why people jog. Those that play a sport on a regular basis find that jogging is a great way to stay in shape and keep their endurance up to a competitive level. Jogging can also be therapeutic and some that do it only for that very reason. No matter what your reason, you should always think about safe jogging tips when you go out for a run. You can never be too safe. If you go with your children, or with friends or spouse, teach them what you  know about staying safe as well.

The first safe jogging tips you should think about are where and when you are going to jog. The where is important as not all places are safe. Many like to jog around their own neighborhood, which is fine, but if you jog on the street you may get hit by a car that can not see you coming, especially if you jog at night or in the early morning hours. Always be alert, keep music turned down so that you can hear everything around you, and wear bright, reflective clothing of some type so that you can be easily spotted. It can be harder for car drivers to see you than you think.

Safe jogging tips also include finding somewhere else to jog if you do not live where you feel safe after dark. In most cases, no one is going to bother you just because you are running, but you may get in the middle of something by mistake. It's like being in the wrong place at the wrong time. See if you can go in another direction when you start out on your jog, or if there are some indoor places where you can run. Some communities open up gyms and other large areas for joggers to keep them safe when jogging outside may not be the best idea.

The weather is something else to think about when you consider safe jogging tips. You may think that you are warm enough while running to go out in shorts and a tee shirt when it is only twenty degrees out, but you could be making a big mistake. Your body heat will be high from running, but you still have to do something to cover exposed skin. No matter how warm you feel, exposed skin while jogging can get chapped and even frost bitten if you are not careful. Find somewhere inside to jog in cold weather or find light clothing to cover your entire body before you venture out.

Lastly, think about your physical well being. You can not stay safe and fit if you are going to hurt yourself while jogging. Almost anyone can jog, but those with a lot of weight to lose that have been sitting around for two years are not going to get very far when they start out. Safe jogging tips would suggest that you see a doctor before you start jogging after a period of inactivity. You may even want to start out walking, then power walking, and then running short distances to work your way up to jogging to make sure your body adjusts well.