Viral Video of the Day: Ziplining in Panama City

umpers parachute from the largest urban zipline in the world
Some people jog for fun. Some go for a swim. Devin Graham, aka devinsupertramp, and his merry band of thrillseekers prefer to zipline from a tall building in Panama City. As much of a rush as it would have been for them to zip from one end of the 2000-foot line to the other—the longest line in an urban setting—they made the decision to instead detach in mid-air and parachute to a drop zone.

The video was shot with GoPro Cameras attached to the jumpers, and 4K cameras attached to flying drones, in order to cover it from every angle. There’s also a behind the scenes video that shows what went into making this crazy feat possible.

This is so extreme, it’s almost sure to be featured in Tom Cruise’s next movie.

Alex Chancey