Motion Detectors

In my teenage years I did not hear about motion detectors, maybe heard about in a movie or TV.   The first time a got one was like a toy, it was with the same principle of today’s sophisticated one.  Before it was used only for application in toys more than in security application.  It was like playing spy’s game. It basically consists of sending an invisible beam of infrared light, the beam would bounce the wall and if anything or anyone disturbed the beam, it will trigger the alarm.   
At present with the same principle motion detectors are much more sophisticated than in the past. At the beginning motion detectors consist of a single beam, right now they consist of many motion detectors or beams so they can detect movement anywhere in the room. They are such sophisticated that they can even detect sense fluctuations in temperature, irregular air currents, tiny vibrations undetectable to the ear, and other signs that an intruder has entered the room .The best of the best are all but unbeatable, but for house purpose or small business the low tech ones are also very good.
Right now the basic home security is not enough, like window bars, a security alarm, and some outdoor security lights will scare off a great percentage of the criminals, but it never hurts to have more devices in order to be safe. In our experience as securities advisers I would say that something like 95% of houses can be scared off with the basic devices, but there are some more hardened criminal.  So the use of more advanced devices like motion detectors and security cameras really makes sense for the modern homeowner. If you make and inquire you will see that these high-tech security gadgets are less expensive than ever. Even if you have a moderate budget, you should be able to assume the cost of the highest level of protection, because family is the first priority.
Just installing a high-tech security system is not enough.    The failure to maintain a system to be working is the most common reason of the break-ins.  Like anything in life as a car, computer, can fail in time.  It is important to give maintenance in this case every six month to make sure that everything is working properly.  If you make a schedule for a routinely check up, you would be safe for break-ins.   It will protect your life, your family and your belongings.  So I remind you to remember this check up constantly.