Extra Security with a Fingerprint Door Lock

Today security is a big issue for businesses and to the house.  If you are trying to protect corporate procedures, patents, formulas of beverages, food recipes, the new season collection, designs or whatever your imagination may reach.    This is important because you want to make sure that nobody will be walking out in this era of cell phones camera, recording, USB, mini-laptops, and all miniature device that make it easy for employees and any outsiders to copy files, records, photograph things that they should not.   Fingerprint door lock in any critical entrance point besides the cameras and the live guards is very useful.
In many way a  fingerprint door lock is more secure than regular locks, because, not like any other keys or keys card, cannot be replicated and passed to the wrong people.  As a biometric way of entrance is unique to that person.   It serves to limit access to few persons, making the entrance more safer for that particular area.   Another advantage is that this fingerprint door lock is capable of showing you who exactly accessed this area at what time and for how long.  You  can see it  as an automatic activity log , it is important because it can be programmed in a way that activity can be reach in that area at a span of time of a day, so there will be no suspicious activity after hours. And one of the most important thing is that a  fingerprint door lock cannot be damaged,  or forced open like standard locks, giving you that extra  security we all are looking for.
For residential you can also purchase a fingerprint as well.  As robbers get more sophisticated you can find this a convenience way of protecting your house and your belongings.  In addition it has the convenience of not carrying about the lost keys.    As the ultimate of technology to showing of with your buddies is very good too, because this fingerprint door is fashion and in.
It is important that if you are interested in buying this device for your home or business, the right place to go first is to a company who specializes in corporate or home security and that had experience in fingerprint lock.   In this way you will be sure that is a professional who is going to take care  of the installation, however you should be willing to pay more for this service.  The other option is to look online and find a better deal, but get the hazard of finding someone to install this device or do  it yourself.
 A fingerprint door lock is a way of having an extra protection and as time go it will be more affordable.